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Fitness for the man in the pew

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Fitness foundations from a Christian worldview

Here are some truths to remember when it comes to fitness from a Christian worldview.
  1. Your body was created by God
  2. You are a steward of your body
  3. Your strength can bless others
  4. Exercise is movement and work
  5. Food is fuel to be thankful for
  6. Rest is a gift given to you by God


Oh and kettlebells are awesome. 

I'm glad you're here. 

Christian Fitness
Hi! My name is Don. Welcome to Layman's Fitness!  I am glad that you stopped by...
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10 Minimalist Workouts You Can Do at Home
by Don // April 5, 2023 // 6 min read // Add a Comment
What are Minimalist Workouts?    Minimalism is a word on the move. Like a fresh fad, it’s being sprinkled on top of anything and everything. There’s minimalist art, minimalist lifestyle blogs, minimalist podcasts, and now here we are talking about minimalist workouts.     While I don’t personally consider myself a minimalist or part of that movement, my pursuit of efficiency with

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Sean M.
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