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Having a plan helps you get started. But cementing a habit will help you finish.

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A Minimalist Home Gym: 6 Exercise Equipment and 10 Workouts
by Don // April 8, 2022 // 7 min read // Add a Comment
The Home Gym Home gyms vary in size, equipment, toys, and costs. But they do not need to be elaborate to be effective.  You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars into recreating your local gym at home. Trying to mimic your local gym in your garage will create both an “analysis-by-paralysis” equipment evaluation, as well as cost you far

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Simple Plans for Important Goals

Faithfully stewarding your body for God's glory is an important goal. But with all the fitness information out there, where do you start?

Find a plan. Take action. Build habits.

Whether it's at home, at the gym, at the park, or on the road, you can use these simple plans to take action and steward your body for God's glory.
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"Layman's Fitness has helped me reestablish a good workout habit. It's short, not overwhelming, and actually fun! I'd recommend the bodyweight program for any man who wants to get back into a good routine"

Darryl D.
"I didn't have to make a major investment into expensive equipment. I can do the workouts anywhere I am. They are streamlined, straightforward, and scalable to my individual skill level"
Sean M.
"The Layman's Fitness program provides a unique way improving your core muscles, your stamina, and your strength"
Jonathan P.
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The following programs are on the LF Hub page, designed to help you apply body-stewardship, learn skills, and build strength. Click the links below to get started.

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LF Programs

Simple Plans for Important Goals

The programs are simply designed, and can be completed at home, at the gym, at the local park, or anywhere with minimal equipment.

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