Ehud the Assassin

Stories of heroes, battles, and risk-takers inspire us. This is one of the reasons in my weekly newsletter I share a story of strength every week… hearing a story of someone’s feat of strength and courage helps us get off the couch and get into action. And God is a great story-teller. Here’s one from Judges chapter 3, featuring Ehud.

5 Simple Apartment Workouts and Routines

Figuring Out Apartment Workouts   Years ago, my wife and I lived in a tiny apartment just north of New York City. To say that we didn’t have much space would have been an understatement.  The apartment complex we lived in did not have a gym, and we had to find ways to do apartment workouts without annoying our neighbors.

DIY Fitness: Your Renovation Project

What is “DIY Fitness”?    With the popularity of home improvement shows in the last few years, DIY projects are a familiar concept. We’ve all felt the tug to renovate or have spent the capital to plan and complete improvement projects that we can do ourselves in our homes.    What I’m calling DIY fitness follows that same framework. A

A Simple Kettlebell Training Guide

What is Kettlebell Training?   Kettlebell training is a mode of exercise that uses the ultra-versatile, extra-portable, and compound-movement friendly kettlebell for your training goal. Using this cannonball with a handle can completely transform your training, as it did mine.    Almost a year ago, I was stagnant in my home gym routine. I wanted to add some weight into

A Theology of Exercise: Work and Movement

A Theology of Exercise   The Bible doesn’t have much to say about going to the gym. While Samson sure had Samson strength, Judges 13-16 doesn’t give you a systematic theology of exercise or explore the motivation for Samson hitting the weights after a hard day of wrestling lions.    Paul references bodily training in his letter to Timothy (read

Modesty: Fitness Culture Has No Clothes

Modesty, Flames, and Fitness Culture   These days, writing a blog post on modesty is like wandering into a room full of flaming candles while holding a gasoline can. One step in the wrong direction, one splash too big, and the entire room, including the author, is completely engulfed in flames.   My intention is not to burn anything here.

The One Missing Ingredient from Your Fitness Goals

Not Finishing our Fitness Goals   It’s a shared human experience to find ourselves in the middle of the year without remembering or committing to the goals we set at the beginning of the year’s journey. This is even more prevalent when it comes to fitness goals.    According to one study, two-thirds of Americans set fitness goals at the

The Last Kettlebell Buying Guide You May Ever Need

A Kettlebell Buying Guide: An Overview   While they may seem like a fringe exercise modality, kettlebells have increased in popularity over the last several years due to their versatility in just about any space, from the most basic home gym to the most decorated commercial gym.  And for the home gym user, they are the ultimate minimalist home gym

My Year of Walking Barefoot

How I Started Walking Barefoot   Walking barefoot was not a habit I intended to start, but once it was in motion, I wasn’t about to give it up. About a year ago, three things happened simultaneously that changed my feet forever.    First, I was a few months into training with kettlebells. In reading all I could about kettlebell