Gnosticism and Exercise

“For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer” (1 Timothy 4:4-5).   Gnosticism Shames the Body   Gnosticism was a belief system that even the early church had to deal with. It incorporated a type of secret knowledge

How to “Make Time” to Exercise

When do you make time to workout?   This is by far the number one question, challenge, and concern I’ve heard from other men when it comes to exercise.      Since this has been such a regular question and salient challenge, I want to offer a few thoughts and ideas by sharing my own tips and schedules that have and still work for

The Secret of Samson’s Strength

“…See where his great strength lies…”   Samson is the iconic figure of strength in the Old Testament.  His story is both heroic and tragic, and to guide our path through his story, we will ask the same question that haunted the Philistines: Where does this guy get his strength?! Strength Unstoppable   The Philistines made several attempts to defeat Samson.

5 Tactics for Exercise While on Vacation

Summer months are nearly upon us, and with these months come travel and scheduled vacations. And vacations are gifts from the Lord.    There tend to be two approaches to exercise while on vacation: No exercise — I’m on vacation! More exercise — I’m on vacation!   Regardless of which camp you fall into, the responsibility to steward our bodies

A Minimalist Home Gym: 6 Exercise Equipment and 10 Workouts

The Home Gym Home gyms vary in size, equipment, toys, and costs. But they do not need to be elaborate to be effective.  In fact, if you build your routine entirely with bodyweight, you don’t need to build much of a home gym at all! But if you want to add other methods to your exercise routine beyond bodyweight, you

The 8-Week Core Program, the Six-Pack, and the Christian

The 8-week Core Program   The following 8-week core program targets all the areas of your core to develop strength. The core, made up of your upper/lower abs, obliques, and lower back, is one of the most important muscle groups for functional movement. It provides your body with stability, a strong base for the torso and lower body movements, and

5 Tips for Sticking to an Exercise Routine All Year

  “The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty” – Proverbs 21:5 Plans and Routines It’s commonplace for fitness resolutions to fizzle out as January progresses. Excitement on January 1st turns into reality on January 14th. Lack of planning creates room for reasons and excuses not to exercise. Overdoing it

4 Biblical Reasons for Exercise

Murky Motivations “Be the very best you”. “Get that beach body ready”. “Boost your self-esteem”. “Impress others with your gains”. “You deserve to look good”. If you have spent any time in the exercise and fitness world, no doubt you have encountered motivations like these. You may have experienced them through popular marketing and advertisements, or in the familiar tugging

“Thoughts for Young Men”: Dangerous Procrastination

” ‘Serious things tomorrow’, said a heathen, to one who warned him of coming danger; but his tomorrow never came. Tomorrow is the devil’s day, but today is God’s. Satan cares not how spiritual your intentions may be, and how holy your resolutions, if only they are fixed for tomorrow. Oh, give not place to the devil in this matter.”