The 10 Minute Warm Up

By Don

October 8, 2021


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Don’t Skip the Warm Up

Warm up routines are skipped more than breakfasts on busy mornings, advertisements before YouTube videos, and unwanted songs in a Spotify playlist. 
I have certainly skipped my fair share (of warm ups I mean). And I have regretted it each time. 

The following is a 10 minute warm up that you can add to your own exercise arsenal. The movements done in this warm up are not the well trodden stretches learned in your third grade P.E. class. This warm up routine uses a mix of dynamic stretching, strength training exercises, and light cardiovascular training.

The Benefits of Warming Up

A warm up routine is an important and fundamental component of any effective exercise program. The benefits of a warm up routine have been well studied and will help your body prepare for a workout by:
  • Increasing your heart rate
  • Increasing blood flow to muscles
  • Decreasing muscle and joint stiffness
  • Reducing risk for injury
  • Improving performance during your workout

There’s also a small act of discipline that’s achieved every time you decide to warm up before a workout, especially when you don’t feel like it.

Warming up takes extra time, extra energy, and extra effort. Choosing to warm up when you want to skip it is a small act of bodily self-control, which is just like saying no to excessive portion sizes or foregoing screens  (TV or YouTube)  at night to go to bed early.  Small decisions made, by God’s grace, consistently over time to deny the flesh are small steps taken towards your sanctification.

Now let’s get to it!

The 10 Minute Warm Up

Part 1  (5 minutes): Dynamic Stretching and Strength Training Exercises
Perform the following movements at a moderate and controlled tempo: 
Part 2  (5 minutes): Light Cardiovascular Training
Go for a light jog for 5 minutes. 
  • The goal is not speed for this warm up run.
  • The goal is for this jog is to run for 5 minutes at a pace that you think you can maintain for about an hour.
  • Focus on your breathing during this run.
  • If you are outside, jog for 2.5 minutes and then turn around and return at the same pace to your starting position. 

Doing this warm up routine while listening to a complementary workout playlist is an added bonus for getting your blood flowing and muscles ready for exercising. Check out my favorite playlist here

Performing this 10 minute warm up will prepare your body for exercise. Deciding to not skip the warm up will increase your performance during your workout, reduce your risk for injury, and will be a small step taken towards exercising self-control. Get out there and do it! 

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