The “Non-Fluffy” Christian Workout Playlist

By Don

August 13, 2021


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Sifting through the myriad of Christian music out there is getting more difficult, especially if you are on the hunt for songs that teach sound doctrine. The most popular Christian songs today teach vague truths about God and lack artistic creativity, as they use hazy choruses and the same four chords on repeat for minutes on end. These songs are “fluffy“; they lack substance, depth and seriousness.
“Non-fluffy” Christian songs do exist, but a lot of them are not ones that you would necessarily add to your Christian workout playlist. Doing burpees to an a cappella version of Amazing Grace will edify your mind but won’t necessarily get blood pumping.
The songs listed below are the best, most edifying, and biblically-packed songs currently on my workout playlist that you can add to yours. These songs do a better job than most pairing sound doctrine with beats. You’ll notice I favor rap (KB especially) and whatever enjoyable genre Kings Kaleidoscope is.
This playlist is comprised of 21 songs, and it will last for about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The average Layman’s Fitness workout lasts about 25-35 minutes, so you can complete two to three sessions with this playlist. There are a few songs listed below that were written to be paired together, and I indicate that in my notes below.

The “Non-Fluffy” Christian Workout Playlist

Enjoy, and please comment below with some of your favorites!

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