How to do a One Hand Kettlebell Swing

What is a One Hand Kettlebell Swing?

If the Kettlebell Swing is the cash cow of kettlebell training, the One Hand Kettlebell Swing is the add on feature that generates even more cash flow. It builds strength and power, is also a hinge movement, where your hips, core, and legs supply power to forcefully swing a kettlebell along the sagittal plane, using one arm at a time. 

The One Hand Kettlebell Swing is a full-body exercise with an emphasis on the following muscle groups:

  • Core
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Forearms
  • Legs

How to Do a One Hand Kettlebell Swing (Instructions):

Start with the kettlebell about 6-12 inches in front of you. Stand with your feet forward, placed a little more than shoulder width apart. As you inhale, “deadlift down” by bending at your hips, with your knees are slightly bent, until you are in a deadlift position with your right hand on the kettlebell.
Hike the bell back between your legs as you inhale. Power up with your hips and core, and as you stand, exhale. Inhale on the way down, hinging with your hips, bending your knees slightly. Let the bell fall down and through your legs. Repeat the same process with the other arm. 
To stop, when you at the bottom of the downswing, place the bell in front of you while you are still low to the ground.

Trainer Tips for the One Hand Kettlebell Swing: 

  • Progression (make harder)
    • Use a heavier weight. Scale up in 8kg increments (16kg, 24kg, 32kg, etc…)
    • Increase your repetition count. 
    • Decrease the amount of rest time you take in between sets. 
  • Regression (make easier)
    • Use a lighter weight.
    • Lower your repetition count. 
    • Use two hands for the Kettlebell Swing
  • Application:
    • Do 10 swings every minute, for 10 minutes. When you are done with your 10 within the minute, rest, then at the top of the next minute, resume the cadence. 
      • You can also do this with a pair of dice. Roll a pair of dice, and whatever the sum is (i.e. “9”), do 10 swings every minute for a total of the sum of the dice. 
    • Perform 30-50 swings as a warm-up or cool-down as a part of your routine. 

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