Bodyweight Exercises

How to use an Ab Wheel

What is an Ab Wheel? I wish I started incorporating the ab wheel into my routine sooner. This tool takes up only a tiny space in your garage or closet, but it gets the job done in strengthening several parts of your body.  Using the ab wheel will work your full body, but it especially focuses on the: Core Back

How to do Pike Push-Up

What is a Pike Push-Up? The pike push-up is a push-up variation that will give you a great shoulder burn. It is a strength-building exercise that targets your shoulders with support from your triceps. The movement also requires flexibility in your hip complex, hamstrings, calves, and ankles.  The following muscle groups are engaged when performing pike push-ups: Shoulders Triceps How

How to do Hip Extensions

What are Hip Extensions? Hip Extensions strengthen your core and your leg muscles. Your lower back and abdominal muscles are engaged in the upward and downward movement of your lower body. Your hamstrings (muscles on the backside of your legs) and your gluteals (muscles on your bottom) are also targeted in this movement. This exercise is simple yet effective, and

How to do Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

What is a Single Leg Romanian Deadlift? Like the Lunge, the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift is a leg strengthening exercises that will develop your balance and coordination. This is a fantastic balancing exercise (I almost lost my balance in this video!). It requires flexibility in your hamstrings (muscle on the underside of your thigh) and your hip complex, so be

How to do a Towel Bicep Curl

What is a Towel Bicep Curl? The bicep is a recognizable muscle on the front of your upper arm. It is your tricep’s antagonist; when the tricep is flexed the bicep is stretched, and when the bicep is flexed the tricep is stretched. The bicep is involved in any pulling motion you do with your arms, and supports the muscles

How to do a Lunge

What is a Lunge? Like the Body Squat, the Lunge is one of the most basic, useful and fundamental bodyweight exercises for your lower body. It requires balance in both of your legs and flexibility in your hip complex, but it is an effective strengthening exercise. With lunges you exercise one leg at a time, and there are several variations

How to do a Burpee

What is a Burpee? The real question is, what isn’t a Burpee? A Burpee is the Megazord of bodyweight movements. It takes a High Push-Up Position Hold, a Body Squat, a Push-Up, connects them all together, adds a jump in there for extra power, and creates a bodyweight super monster that can stand up to any evil and malicious opponent

How to do a Lateral Crawl

What is a Lateral Crawl? Also called Lateral Bear Crawls, a Lateral Crawl is a full body movement that will shred your core and exercise all the muscles in your arms and legs. This is a simple but effective exercise that provides you with a full body workout. The prerequisite for this movement is the High Push-Up Position Hold, which

How to do Russian Twists

What are Russian Twists? The training montages from the Rocky Balboa films are more energizing than most pre-workout energy supplements. Watching Rocky train for his boxing matches still gives me chills and shots of adrenaline, and I would argue that the training scene in Rocky IV tops the series’ montage list. In the Rocky IV training scene, Rocky prepares to