How to do a Kettlebell Halo

What is a Kettlebell Halo?

The Kettlebell Halo is a fantastic shoulder movement for strength, mobility, and flexibility.  It’s an excellent warm-up exercise that will allow you to prepare, protect, and strength your shoulders for kettlebell work. 

The Kettlebell Halo is an upper body exercise with an emphasis on the following muscle groups:

  • Core
  • Shoulders

How to Do a Kettlebell Halo (Instructions):

“The Goblet Clean”
Start first with a Goblet Clean, the movement that precedes a Goblet Squat. Stand over the kettlebell, with the bell between your legs, feet forward, placed a little more than shoulder width apart. As you inhale, “deadlift down” by bending at your hips, with your knees are slightly bent, until you are in a deadlift position with both hands on the kettlebell.
“The Halo”
Exhale at the top of the movement. As you inhale, move the kettlebell counterclockwise around your head (to the right). Exhale when the kettlebell is behind your head until the bell is back in front of you. Repeat in a clockwise motion in the other direction (to the left). Make sure your back is straight, tighten your core, and breathe, breathe, breathe!

Trainer Tips for the Kettlebell Halo: 

  • Progression (make harder)
    • Slow down the movement. 
    • Be careful using heavier weights here. It’s better to start with more repetitions with a lighter weight than to scale up in weight. 
    • At the bottom of the movement, do a bicep curl with the kettlebell. 
  • Regression (make easier)
    • Use a lighter weight.
    • Lower your repetition count. 
  • Application & Tips:
    • Focus on your breathing. You should inhale and exhale with each halo repetition. 
    • Halos are a great warm-up exercise. Complete 3-5 of them in both directions as a part of your warm-up. 
    • Create a Kettlebell Complex with them. Do a Goblet Squat, Halo, Goblet Squat + Bicep Curl, rest until you catch your breath, and repeat for an allotment of time (5-30 minutes). 

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