How to do a Kettlebell Lunge

What is a Kettlebell Lunge?

The Kettlebell Lunge is a lower body movement that engages your core. The Kettlebell Lunge has the same movement pattern as the Bodyweight Lunge

The Kettlebell Lunge is a lower body exercise with an emphasis on the following muscle groups. If you precede the lunge with a Clean, you will also engage the muscles in your biceps, back, and shoulders: 

  • Core
  • Legs

How to Do a Kettlebell Lunge (with “Clean” Instructions):

Start with the kettlebell about 6-12 inches in front of you. Stand with your feet forward, placed a little more than shoulder width apart. As you inhale, “deadlift down” by bending at your hips, with your knees are slightly bent, until you are in a deadlift position with both hands on the kettlebell.
As you inhale, hike the bell back between your legs as if you were starting a one-hand swing. As you stand up, exhale, and raise the bell up towards your chest, keeping the bell close to your chest. As you reach your chest level, “punch through” the kettlebell handle with your right hand, which will prevent you from slamming your wrist with the kettlebell. “Rack” the kettlebell by resting it on your bent forearm, bicep, and chest.
“The Lunge
With the kettlebell racked, inhale. As you exhale, step forward with the leg on the same side that you have the kettlebell. With your foot out in front of you, sink down until your back knee grazes the floor. Focus on carrying and stabilizing the weight with your bottom and tighten your core through the movement. Flag the arm not carrying the kettlebell out to the side for balance. Return to the standing position and repeat on the other side.
To set the bell down, allow the kettlebell to fall around your wrist, and allow the weight of the bell to guide it to the ground. 

Trainer Tips for the Kettlebell Lunge: 

  • Progression (make harder)
    • Use a heavier weight. Scale up in 8kg increments (16kg, 24kg, 32kg, etc…)
    • Increase you repetition count. 
    • Lunge with two kettlebells, one in each hand.
    • Perform walking lunges with kettlebells, whereas instead of returning to your starting location, step forward with your back leg into a forward standing position. 
  • Regression (make easier)
    • Instead of cleaning the kettlebell, carry the kettlebell down by your side and perform a lunge. 
    • Use a lighter weight.
    • Lower your repetition count. 
  • Application:
    • You can also do a backwards lunge. Instead of stepping forward with your leg, take a step backwards.
    • Create a Kettlebell Complex with a Kettlebell Lunge. Do a Clean, Press, Lunge, repeat on the other side, catch your breath, and do as many rounds as possible within an allotted period of time (5-30 minutes). 

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