8-Week Home Gym Strength Program

*🔗Click here to download the 8-Week Home Gym Strength Program.  Why a Home Gym Strength Program? Ever since I started working full-time after graduate school, I have been obsessed with finding ways to become stronger while working out in my home gym.  My wife and I relocated regularly in the first years of marriage, which meant I had to have

When You Have 10 Minutes to Exercise

When You Have 10 Minutes to Exercise   Sometimes, all I have is a few minutes to devote to exercise and movement.  If you have young kids, vocation commitments, and other God-given responsibilities, you know what I’m talking about.  Here are 5 of my favorite 10-minute workout strategies that I’ve used when crunched for time. 1. Farmer’s Carry for 10

4-Week Kettlebell Program

Click here to download the program: 4-Week Kettlebell Program *Introduction to the Program   Ah. The kettlebell. This is a fantastic piece of exercise hardware. It’s ultra-versatile and it’s the home gym that fits right under your bed.  However, kettlebells can add up quickly in cost. If you are new to kettlebell training and have questions on buying your first kettlebell,

12 Week Bodyweight Program

*Introduction to the Program Click here to download the pdf file of the program: Layman’s Fitness 12 Week Bodyweight Program. This is a bodyweight-only program designed for the person who: ❔“Wants to get back into it”, but doesn’t know where to start 👟Has minimal equipment ⌛Doesn’t have a lot of time 📃Wants a plan to follow 🏠 Wants to exercise

The 8-Week Core Program

The 8-week Core Program   The following 8-week core program targets all the areas of your core to develop strength. You can download it by clicking here.  The core, made up of your upper/lower abs, obliques, and lower back, is one of the most important muscle groups for functional movement. It provides your body with stability, a strong base for