Getting Started


This Worked For me

Here's the structure you can follow to get back into exercise:

  • 30–40-minute workouts.
  • 3-4 sessions per week.
  • Each week.
  • Rinse/repeat over time. 
If that's all you were looking for, best wishes and I'm excited to see where that structure will take you!

But if you're wanting something more specific, you've come to the right place.

The Layman's plans and programs are designed with this framework, to help you apply stewardship, learn skills, and build strength. Be sure to visit the LF Hub page to get started.

Fitness is a function of stewardship, skills, and strength. These are the three principles that underpin all Layman's Fitness resources and programs.

Stewardship is the foundation for understanding exercise. Your body was given to you by God, to be used and stewarded for His glory.

Exercise is a composite of skills. Whether it's bodyweight, kettlebell, dumbbell, eating healthy or getting sufficient rest, these are skills you can learn.

Strength is the result of diligent application of stewardship and skills over time. 

LF Programs

The programs on the LF Hub page are designed to help you apply stewardship, learn skills, and build strength.

  • 30+ instructional pages: The Hub has 30+ instructional pages on key bodyweight and kettlebell exercises. 
  • 12-week bodyweight program: This program takes you through three phases over the course of 12 weeks. All you need is a pull-up bar, a towel, a chair, and a jump rope. 
  • 8-week home gym strength program: This challenging program blends kettlebell and bodyweight training and is ideal for intermediate to advanced lifters.
  • 8-week core program: This is a simple program designed to strengthen your core. I also share a few thoughts on the Christian and the pursuit of a six pack.
  • 5-week bodyweight program: This program focuses on building strength in 4 movements over the course of 5 weeks. All you need is a pull-up bar and a jump rope. 
  • 4-week kettlebell program: This program focuses on muscular endurance and introduces you to the kettlebell. All you need is one 16kg kettlebell.

Get Started

Visit the LF Hub

Other LF Resources

Here are some other LF Resources to help you on your body-stewardship journey:

  • Sign-up for the bi-weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page and you will receive a 2-page guide on habits.
  • The LF Hub has programs and 30+ instructional videos to get you started with fitness.
  • The LF Blog has 30+ posts on stewardship, skills, and strength.
  • The LF YouTube page has short workouts, plus all the instructional videos.
  • Follow me on Instagram for other updates and content.

One of the available programs is the 12-Week Bodyweight Program. Here's what past participants have said about it:

"Layman's Fitness has helped me reestablish a good workout habit. It's short, not overwhelming, and actually fun! I'd recommend the bodyweight program for any man who wants to get back into a good routine"

Darryl D.
"I didn't have to make a major investment into expensive equipment. I can do the workouts anywhere I am. They are streamlined, straightforward, and scalable to my individual skill level"
Sean M.
"The Layman's Fitness program provides a unique way improving your core muscles, your stamina, and your strength"
Jonathan P.

As always, it's recommended to consult with a physician before starting any exercise program.