Stories of Strength

Latimer and Ridley: The Strength of Conviction

The following account is an inspirational story of strength. This is not a weight loss tale or a bulk-up success story, nor is it a story of mighty Samson ripping a lion apart or heroic David hauling the head of his defeated giant away.  This is a story of steel-spined resolve, and a display of strong convictions in the midst

When You Lack Motivation to Exercise

The Mist of Motivation   We all know that familiar slothful feeling that creeps into our minds and chills our zeal. In one moment, we are blazing paths and trails, and the next, we are ice cold and wondering where our passion went. This is a common occurrence with exercise. Come January 1st, flocks of people eagerly jump into a

“Samson Strength”: Where Did it Come From?

“…See where his great strength lies…”   Samson is the iconic figure of strength in the Old Testament.  In fact, the phrase “Samson strength” needs little to no explanation. Even in our modern context, if something or someone is described as having “Samson strength”, the object is probably formidable.  However, Samson’s story is both heroic and tragic, and to guide

Jonathan and the Philistines

The Hike, the Climb, the Fight and the Workout (1 Samuel 14) The Bible is full of incredible stories. It tells tales of battles, wars, romances, broken families, conquests, kingdoms, coups, famines, earthquakes, heroes, and more. These stories would have been told orally, and when a skillful storyteller picks up a Bible and reads one of its stories with passion,