Warm Up Routine

Don’t Skip the Warm Up Warm up routines are skipped more than breakfasts on busy mornings, advertisements before YouTube videos, and unwanted songs in a Spotify playlist.  I have certainly skipped my fair share (of warm ups I mean). And I have regretted it each time.  The following is a 8-10 minute warm up routine. The movements done in this

Get up and Run the Race

“Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed”.  – Hebrews 12:12-13 Run the Race There are seasons when the Christian life can seem like it’s a slurry of unrelenting trials without expiration dates. Some trials

The Kinetic Chain: One Body, Many Members

The basic principle of bodily movement is that your body moves as one system. The human body relies on several systems for its operation: the muscular, skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems (to name just a few) are all involved in every detail of your body’s movement. Whether it’s getting out of bed, sitting down on a chair, walking to

10 Minute Ab Workout With Your Kids

In a previous post, I share 6 reasons why you should master bodyweight movements. One of these reasons is Teachability. Once you know how to do the flagship bodyweight movements, you can teach them to and perform them alongside your children. In this post, I want to take Teachability one step further and apply it in a workout that strengthens

The “Non-Fluffy” Christian Workout Playlist

Sifting through the myriad of Christian music out there is getting more difficult, especially if you are on the hunt for songs that teach sound doctrine. The most popular Christian songs today teach vague truths about God and lack artistic creativity, as they use hazy choruses and the same four chords on repeat for minutes on end. These songs are

Nutrition Basics: Calories, Macros and Good Food

Fit Tip Friday – Nutrition Basics Nutrition and fitness are inseparable. Food is the fuel for your movement, and the man in the pew should be familiar with the basic nutritional concepts. There is a lot of nutrition-related information out there to wade through. New diets, new fads, new rules, new super-foods, and new studies come out faster than we

Jonathan and the Philistines

The Hike, the Climb, the Fight and the Workout (1 Samuel 14) The Bible is full of incredible stories. It tells tales of battles, wars, romances, broken families, conquests, kingdoms, coups, famines, earthquakes, heroes, and more. These stories would have been told orally, and when a skillful storyteller picks up a Bible and reads one of its stories with passion,

What is an Exercise Regression?

The Movement Pyramid   Think of each exercise movement as the top of a pyramid. There are several fundamental skills and strength, the pyramid’s building blocks, that can be trained and developed before the movement at the top is mastered.    Taking apart the movement, brick by brick, is essentially what an exercise regression seeks to do. The goal is

Sober-Mindedness: The Remedy for Laziness and Gluttony

Always liars. Evil beasts. Lazy gluttons. Sounds like the kind of people you want to be your neighbors, right? Well, for Titus, these types of people were his neighbors. Titus was stationed by Paul on the island of Crete, an island off the southeast coast of Greece, amidst this exact type of culture. In his letter to Titus, Paul quotes