Bodyweight Exercises

How to do a Body Squat

What is a Body Squat? Leg day. Sigh. Admittedly, I used to skip leg day back in college and instead do distance runs of 4-6 miles. Yeah, that’s right. I literally used to run away from leg day and preferred putting in 4-6 miles over doing leg exercises in the gym.  However, these days my preferences have changed. I have

How to do the Superman

What is a Superman? A Superman, per the Wikipedia page on the subject, is “a fictional character and superhero… Superman was born on the plant Krypton and was given the name Kal-El at birth. As a baby, his parents sent him to Earth in a small spaceship moments before Krypton was destroyed in a natural cataclysm. His ship landed in

How to do a Pull-Up

What is a Pull-Up? Pull-ups are one of the most effective, strength-building bodyweight movements for your upper body. The pull-up is simple; all you need is a bar, your body, and some brawn. It engages all of the muscles involved in “pulling”, which includes your back, biceps, forearms, and even your core. The movement can be progressed and regressed easily,

How to do Mountain Climbers

What are Mountain Climbers? Mountain Climbers are one of those exercises that you need to add to your workout regimen. This movement gets your heart pumping, your legs moving, your arms burning and your core aching. This is an excellent conditioning exercise, and will improve your overall functional strength, balance, quickness and agility.  Mountain Climbers are a high intensity movement

How to do a High Push-Up Position Hold

What is a High Push-Up Position Hold? Every journey begins with a few steps. And for a fitness journey, the first steps often begin with very simple exercises, and the High Push-Up Position Hold is a great place to start. This movement is bland, not-flashy, and simple enough to do. However, the muscles used in this movement are foundational for

How to do a Push-Up

What is a Push-Up? The push-up is the bread and butter bodyweight exercise. The Military use it. Martial Arts students use it. Athletes use it. And you should learn how to use it too. The push-up has dozens of different variations, but in this post we are going to focus on the “Classic” push-up you probably learned back in your

How to do Tricep Dips

What are Tricep Dips? The tricep is the muscle on the back of your upper arm. It has three heads and is your bicep’s antagonist; when your bicep flexes your tricep relaxes, and when your tricep flexes your bicep relaxes. You use your triceps for a lot of your routine movements; getting out of bed in the morning, using your

How to do Inverted Rows

If are a beginner or you are trying to get back into shape, pull-ups feel like an advanced movement. Most beginners struggle completing just 1 pull-up with good form, let alone the 8-12 reps that are suggested in most workout plans. A pull-up requires a high amount of strength, balance, endurance and coordination across most of your muscle groups as