Nutrition Basics: Calories, Macros and Good Food

Fit Tip Friday – Nutrition Basics Nutrition and fitness are inseparable. Food is the fuel for your movement, and the man in the pew should be familiar with the basic nutritional concepts. There is a lot of nutrition-related information out there to wade through. New diets, new fads, new rules, new super-foods, and new studies come out faster than we

What is an Exercise Regression?

The Movement Pyramid   Think of each exercise movement as the top of a pyramid. There are several fundamental skills and strength, the pyramid’s building blocks, that can be trained and developed before the movement at the top is mastered.    Taking apart the movement, brick by brick, is essentially what an exercise regression seeks to do. The goal is

Bodyweight Training: 6 Reasons Why You Should Master It

Four months into my marriage, my wife and I moved from a college town in Texas to a Hudson River town 40 minutes north of New York City. Calling this move an ‘adjustment’ would be a gross understatement.   Prior to this move, I had spent the previous 18 months focusing on a combination of weight training and indoor rock-climbing