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12 Week Workout Program

This is not just another 12 week exercise program.

The Layman's Fitness 12 week workout program was designed specifically for the man in the pew.
Yes, this workout program will give you a 12 week roadmap for disciplined exercising. But there's more to it than that.
This program incorporates a "Practical Theology of Fitness", which is a 12 week series of written content paired with the workout program that will help you learn and think through body stewardship from a biblical perspective. God's Word is perfect and sufficient for all things (Psalm 19:7, 2 Timothy 3:16-17), including exercise and fitness. 
This program also includes a 1/1 intake call at the beginning of the program, weekly check-ins, and an exit call at the end of the program. 
This 12 week workout program combines the "why" and the "what" for exercise to help you learn how to steward your body well for God's glory.
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The workout program progresses you through 3 phases requiring 3 workout sessions per week, with an average time of 30-40 minutes per workout.

The program includes an intake call at the start of the program, weekly check-ins, and a call at the end of the program.

The workout program will help you improve your stability, endurance, and strength by using bodyweight exercises, which can be done anywhere, at any time, and with minimal equipment.

The "Practical Theology of Fitness" progresses you concurrently through the same 3 phases, with one piece of written content per week for 12 weeks. Each piece of content averages ~3 pages in length (~40 pages total).

12 Week Workout Program

  • The 1/1 intake call at the beginning reviews the program and discusses strategies on completing the program successfully. The weekly check-ins (via text) help you stay on track. 
  • The 1/1 exit call reviews strategies on how to continue to incorporate diligent body-stewardship after completing the program.
  • This program progresses you through a series of three phases over 12 weeks to help improve overall physical fitness and strength.
    • Phase I: Stability
      • Focus: Muscle stabilization, posture, balance, and form.
    • Phase II: Endurance
      • Focus: Muscular endurance, higher intensity, and shorter rest while maintaining form. 
    • Phase III: Strength
      • Focus: Developing strength, utilizing bodyweight progressions, and going until failure all while still maintaining proper form. 
  • Each phase requires you to complete 3 workout sessions per week, with an average time of 30-40 minutes per session.
  • This program uses 20+ bodyweight movements as the foundation for all workouts. Bodyweight movements can be done anywhere, at any time, with no gym required. The only equipment required is a pull-up bar (or monkey bars at your local playground).
  • Every bodyweight movement used in the program has a corresponding instructional video page on the "'Videos" page on the Layman's Fitness website. 
  • Once you complete all three phases, you can start over at Phase I which allows you to repeat and recycle this program for continued value.
  • The full program materials are emailed to you upon purchase. The workouts are in a .jpg form that is easy to save and view on your smartphone. The content will also be emailed to you weekly as you progress through the program to help you stay on track.

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A Practical Theology of Fitness

  • The "Practical Theology of Fitness" content progresses participants through the same three phases as the exercise program.
    • Phase I: Stability
      • Focus: Who created the body and what was it made for? What happened to the body after the fall? What's the hope we have in Christ for our body?
    • Phase II: Endurance
      • Focus: What are the threats to our body stewardship and our strength?
    • Phase III: Strength
      • Focus: What is strength and what is it used for? How do we apply our strength in a way that can glorify God?
  • Some of the topics covered include: The Body & Creation, a Theology of Work & Movement, Gnosticism, The Sluggard (an example), Swoll with Conceit, The Origin of Strength, Developing Strength, and the Habits of Fitness, and much more!
  • There are a total of 12 pieces of content with some bonus material included (~40 pages in total). Each phase contains 4 written pieces of content, with each content piece averaging ~3 pages in length.
  • This program uses Scripture as the foundation for its content. God's word is perfect and sufficient for all things!
  • At the end of each piece of content, there are additional Scripture references listed for further study and meditation along with some additional links, sermons, and resources for further review and study.
  • The full "Practical Theology of Fitness" will be emailed to you upon purchase, in a pdf file. The content will also be emailed to you weekly as you progress through the program.

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As always, it's recommended to consult with a physician before starting any exercise program.