Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

How to do Pike Push-Up

What is a Pike Push-Up? The pike push-up is a push-up variation that will give you a great shoulder burn. It is a strength-building exercise that targets your shoulders with support from your triceps. The movement also requires flexibility in your hip complex, hamstrings, calves, and ankles.  The following muscle groups are engaged when performing pike push-ups: Shoulders Triceps How

How to do a Burpee

What is a Burpee? The real question is, what isn’t a Burpee? A Burpee is the Megazord of bodyweight movements. It takes a High Push-Up Position Hold, a Body Squat, a Push-Up, connects them all together, adds a jump in there for extra power, and creates a bodyweight super monster that can stand up to any evil and malicious opponent

How to do a Lateral Crawl

What is a Lateral Crawl? Also called Lateral Bear Crawls, a Lateral Crawl is a full body movement that will shred your core and exercise all the muscles in your arms and legs. This is a simple but effective exercise that provides you with a full body workout. The prerequisite for this movement is the High Push-Up Position Hold, which

How to do a Shove-Off

What is a Shove-Off? I remember the very first time I saw someone do a clap push-up. It was the 6th grade, and our P.E. teacher decided one day that he would have us 6th graders do a push-up contest. At the beginning of the class he demonstrated for us how to do the push-up movement. I remember watching him

How to do a Plank-Up

What is a Plank-Up? Also called Plank Ups and Downs, a Plank-Up is a brutal upper body exercise that should be a part of any bodyweight routine. This exercise will shred your core, burn your triceps, tire your shoulders, and make you think twice before you turn your nose up at bodyweight exercises. The prerequisite for this movement is the

How to do a Front Shoulder Raise

What is a Front Shoulder Raise? Shoulder Raises are a popular exercise for your shoulders that are often accompanied by dumbbells. There are generally two directions this movement is performed; laterally (to the sides) and anteriorly (towards the front). For years I didn’t know that Shoulder Raises can be performed by only using your bodyweight and a towel, and once

How to do Mountain Climbers

What are Mountain Climbers? Mountain Climbers are one of those exercises that you need to add to your workout regimen. This movement gets your heart pumping, your legs moving, your arms burning and your core aching. This is an excellent conditioning exercise, and will improve your overall functional strength, balance, quickness and agility.  Mountain Climbers are a high intensity movement

How to do a High Push-Up Position Hold

What is a High Push-Up Position Hold? Every journey begins with a few steps. And for a fitness journey, the first steps often begin with very simple exercises, and the High Push-Up Position Hold is a great place to start. This movement is bland, not-flashy, and simple enough to do. However, the muscles used in this movement are foundational for

How to do a Push-Up

What is a Push-Up? The push-up is the bread and butter bodyweight exercise. The Military use it. Martial Arts students use it. Athletes use it. And you should learn how to use it too. The push-up has dozens of different variations, but in this post we are going to focus on the “Classic” push-up you probably learned back in your