Bodyweight Back Exercises

How to do a Towel Row

What is a Towel Row? A Towel Row is a clever exercise that allows you to strengthen the pulling muscles in your upper body. They work your back and bicep muscles just like Pull-Ups and Inverted Rows do, but Towel Rows are generally easier to perform and can add exercise variety to your upper body routine. And all you need

How to do a Pull-Up

What is a Pull-Up? Pull-ups are one of the most effective, strength-building bodyweight movements for your upper body. The pull-up is simple; all you need is a bar, your body, and some brawn. It engages all of the muscles involved in “pulling”, which includes your back, biceps, forearms, and even your core. The movement can be progressed and regressed easily,

How to do Inverted Rows

If are a beginner or you are trying to get back into shape, pull-ups feel like an advanced movement. Most beginners struggle completing just 1 pull-up with good form, let alone the 8-12 reps that are suggested in most workout plans. A pull-up requires a high amount of strength, balance, endurance and coordination across most of your muscle groups as