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Here in the custom corner, I will be publishing custom workouts that I wrote for specific goals. It will be fun to both learn and build this library of resources, and I hope this serves you well on your body stewardship journey!

Click the links to download pdf files of the programs. Enjoy!

January 2023

4-Week Program – For Strength

This is my own personal program that I’m currently doing in Q1 of 2023. I plan on increasing repetitions in months 2 & 3 but keeping the KB weights the same. 

  • Goal: Increase strength while exercising at home
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Time Required: ~40 minutes
  • Sessions/Week: 3
  • Equipment: 2 Kettlebells, Pull-Up Bar, Ab Roller (optional)
  • Modifications: You can do this with only one kettlebell. And, you also can do most of this with dumbbells. You might need to make modifications to the Circuits if you use dumbbells (i.e. maybe dumbbell rows instead of cleans, etc…). 


Other Resources

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Apply stewardship, learn skills, and build strength to the glory of God!

*As always, I’d recommend consulting with a physician prior to starting any exercise plan. 

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