Outdoor Workout: HIIT Picnic Table Edition

By Don

October 29, 2021


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The Outdoor Workout Invasion

A few weekends ago, there was a Saturday that was blessed with incredible weather. It was a breezy 75 degrees, with blue skies and clear sunlight. Perfect temperature for an outdoor workout, so I snuck out of the house to my local park to exercise.
This local park has two sections, one with a playground and the other with rudimentary outdoor exercise structures. This park has become my gym where I do most of my outdoor workouts.
Generally, the neighborhood kids play on the playground while I play on the outdoor exercise structures.
But not today.
On that gorgeous afternoon, the exercise section was crawling with children. Which made me both smile and frown at the same time.
They were climbing all over the equipment, and learning through play how to exercise. That’s awesome.
But they were totally invading my exercise space.
As I didn’t want to take the outdoor space away from them, I needed an alternative.
That’s when I saw a picnic table and decided to be a bit creative to get my workout in.

Outdoor Workout: HIIT Picnic Table Edition

This workout uses only your body and a picnic table, which means you can do this workout at most parks and get a burn. This will engage your full body and contains a combination of both dynamic and static movements. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. 
Instructions: Perform as a circuit and do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes.
Trainer Tips:
  • The full video of me performing the workout can be viewed on the Layman’s Fitness YouTube channel. Click here to view the video. 
  • Ensure you are warmed up before you start. Here’s a link to my recommended full-body warm-up.
  • Make it harder:
    • Increase the time from 20 minutes to 25 minutes or more.
    • Increase the repetition count from 10  to 12 or more.
    • Do a progressed (harder) version of 1 or more of the exercises.
  • Make it easier:
    • Decrease the time from 20 minutes to 15 minutes or less.
    • Decrease the repetition count from 10 to 8 or less (no less than 5).
    • Do a regressed version of 1 or more of the exercises.

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